Parish Council Update -March 14

The meeting opened with a minutes silence in memory of Howard Higgs, a former resident, past member of the PC and past Chairman who died in January. He had been most active and enthusiastic in all he tackled and he will be sadly missed.

Several maintenance issues were considered at the February meeting including the never ending water leaks. At least the major one on Clack Bank was attended to quickly but problems still occur with smaller leaks and often it isn’t until they ice over before Highways attend to them. Highways along with all of local Government have had a 35% reduction in their budgets and this has a serious effect on efficiency. The Highways gritting service has not been as seriously affected but they are not able to attended to village and minor roads until such time as major ones have been treated and some local delays are inevitable.

The inscriptions on some of the panels of the War Memorial are very much faded and research will take place to both find out how accurate they are and how they can be repaired. Considering the memorial was first erected in 1927 much work may be needed and funding would then be required.

The Police reported that they have recently attended to a local burglary but most property there was recovered, they have also attended to motoring offences, one which involved drugs at Sheepwash. Poaching is now a much more high profile crime and any reports will be taken seriously, if anyone is seen why not use your mobile phone to take a video which could be the evidence needed. The Police are also able to carryout an engraving service for vulnerable items, quad bikes and similar to try to ensure these remain safe from theft.

Following the recent chaos when a major event was held in the village steps will be taken to consider better terms and conditions so that improved controls can be effected. When events such as the Summer games are planned it is a requirement that the Police are consulted and this would have prevented them breaking through the closed Cleveland Way footpath closures.


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