Garden Club

The Osmotherley and District Garden Club was founded in 1982 with the aim “to educate and instruct members and promote the good cultivation of gardens”. To this end the annual programme consists of talks, demonstrations, sales of plants, visits to gardens (often with the option of a pub meal), members’ gardens and local nurseries, regular newsletters, bulk purchasing of seeds plus social activities such as a barbecue and winter dinner.


With a membership in excess of 90, it seems that a mixture of opportunities, firstly to learn from fellow members, speakers and visits, secondly to benefit from bulk purchasing and thirdly to enjoy social gatherings, has been a successful and popular formula for attracting and maintaining a healthy membership. Members generously support the activities such as the annual plant sale so that the subscription has been held at a token level over the years. In addition some speakers support the club by only requesting travelling expenses.


There is a tradition of supporting local nurseries through the annual visit. The club also supports the community. As an affiliated member of the Village Hall the club provides the plant and produce stall on Summer Games Day with all proceeds going to the Village Hall fund. During the late 1980s the club helped to fund and plant spring bulbs along the grass verges of the village in collaboration with the Osmotherley Society and the Parish Council. To celebrate the millennium, the club planted an Acer Campestre (Field Maple), a native tree species, in North End which provides good colour and bears a commemorative plaque.

For further information check out our website –Osmotherley Garden Club (Facebook)