Parish Council Update- Feb 14

PC Hall attended the January meeting of the Osmotherley Area Parish Council and was able to report that there had not been any instances of criminal activity within the area over the last month.. He also answered members questions including the effectiveness of the new Traffic Warden arrangements and reiterated the need to ring 101 should anyone see any activity which caused them concern.

Highways came in for a lot of criticism, particularly for the rapidly deteriorating condition of the road through Thimbleby and the lane down into Foxton as well as the prolonged water leaks and overflowing gulleys across the area. These will again be forwarded to Highways for robust action and repair.

The hand washing facilities in the public toilets are not functioning as would be expected and a contractor is to be called in to effect repairs.

Members were concerned that the HDC refuse team do not pick up loose litter when emptying the bins, often this loose litter is caused when bins are emptied and the department will be asked to ensure this does not occur again. The passageway adjacent to the Fish Shop is obstructed by several bins and a means of easy access to the Churchyard is needed, this is particularly required once grass cutting starts again because the main access is not ideal for mechanical equipment to use.

Members also heard that the newly reformed Village Hall Committee is working well under new management and credit was given to those whose efforts have brought about this reinvigoration.

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