Oil Coop

Are you interested in saving money on heating oil?

By pooling our requirements we are able to negotiate a lower price for oil – previous orders have been 3-5p per litre lower than prices offered to individual customers. This provides a saving of between £40 and £70 a tank.

Every other month the Cooperative Coordinator emails members asking for order amounts. The coordinator phones round various companies for prices based on the total volume, and places the order. The oil is delivered on an agreed day or days, and the supplier leaves or sends each member a bill for their own oil. The bill is payable direct to the supplier within two weeks by cheque or credit card.

How does it work?

Members only order when oil is required – they don’t have to order oil each time. You must have completed and returned a membership form to order.

Future order dates

Orders are placed at regular intervals throughout the year.


Interested in joining, or want more information?  Please contact Syd on 01609 883499 or send an e-mail to: osmotherleyoil@yahoo.co.uk