Parish Council Update – June 2015

Osmotherley Area Parish Council received a planning application a few weeks ago seeking to vary the conditions relating to the Wind Turbine scheme near Winton and Kirby Sigston to permit a start to the project before all conditions have been met. Because of this the PC have met with both the planning officers of Hambleton as well as with the developers to try to get to root of the problem. It has transpired that the MOD have yet to approve any Radar Mitigation Scheme and without this no approval should be given. As well as this the Environmental Impact Assessment is several years old and again this should have been updated. The June meeting of the PC held at Kirby Sigston resolved to send a strongly worded letter to the Planning Authority in advance of the hearing by the Planning Committee on the 25th June which is expected to be very well attended by residents from Kirby Sigston and the surrounding area. If the developers are unable after 5 years to comply with the conditions it is considered that they have failed to achieve the necessary consents and should not be allowed to proceed.

Highways are due to carry out some road repairs in the near future as well as water main works scheduled on South End at the beginning of July, these could cause considerable disruption if not handled with care. Plans have been submitted for works to Graham House on West End, the PC considered that the render on one wall should be removed and the stonework exposed and repointed. A heat source pump has been installed adjacent to the Churchyard and is deemed to be inappropriate and should be lowered to below the wall and that timber screening should then be installed.

Funding applications have been submitted for the works to the toilets and to the churchyard wall and details are yet to be received. In the case of the Churchyard wall it also requires a Faculty from the Diocese and these matters are bound by layers of red tape and are taking a long time to  resolve.

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