Parish Council Update – July 2015

The July meeting of Osmotherley Area Parish Council was again dominated by the ongoing application by the Wind Turbine developers to vary the already approved conditions. The PC has grave concerns regarding the accuracy of the environmental assessment which was written more than 8 years ago and as such much effort has been given over to ensuring that should HDC proceed all of their procedures must meet with approval in the affected locality. In addition the MOD have yet to agree that the radar mitigation scheme meets their requirements.

A planning application has been submitted to build a house for use as a holiday let in Thimbleby. All neighbours are opposed to this development which is within the conservation area and adjacent to listed buildings, as is the National Park who consider the new development would be out of character in that location.

The condition of various parking areas within Osmotherley is giving cause for concern and both Highways as well as the PC have indicated that these tarmac areas are not their responsibility. In most cases when a property changes ownership the Land Registry assign the footpath to that property and as such there is evidence to support that view, additionally if these surfaces were to deteriorate then any uneven surface could be classed as a hazard.

Several items of equipment in the Play Area require maintenance and the necessary parts have been ordered. Although at this stage the defects are not categorised as serious, the repair work is still considered essential by Members.

A local volunteer has very kindly offered to undertake gardening work at the Pinfold and another resident has made a similar offer to look after the garden border around the War Memorial—many thanks to both for their efforts now and in the future

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