Parish Council update- Dec 13

The meeting in November received feedback from the Police about their current Car Safety local surgeries as well as the new initiative ‘Operation Bright’ encouraging households to show lights at night. Discussions about possible improvements along the A684 were also reported, although evidence indicating that driver error rather than access points has caused recent accidents and blockages does not suggest any obvious strategies for targeted alterations.

It has been decided that the budget for the coming year should be held at the same level as for the two previous years, with any additional expenditure covered from reserves or funding. The recent improvements to cobbles on North End were supported by such a strategy, with £5,000 from the National Parks LEADER fund matching £1,000 from Parish reserves.

Flooding remains an ongoing concern for Highways, for instance at North End and Jeator Houses, although some road repairs have now been completed. Additionally measures are planned to ease congestion at the entrance to the Churchyard near the Fish Shop.

With the onset of frosty mornings there is a plea to motorists to avoid leaving engines running for long periods particularly at an early hour in the morning when neighbours will be disturbed.



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