Parish Council Update – August 2012

Flooding and water problems have exercised many minds recently and has involved assistance from many agencies. The water supply failures of the past should soon be resolved because Yorkshire Water are due to install a backup generator to supply energy should the mains electricity supply fail again. To bring this supply on line there will need to be a planned interruption to supplies for a short period in the near future. A few residents have been involved in this fight with YW and many thanks to them for all their efforts.

Flash flooding has caused grief to many and although severe storms can not be controlled at least the agencies responsible for drains can and they should make sure that their drains are capable of removing this water as quickly as it falls. Highways are responsible for this and the PC will continue to chase them until all outstanding matters have been resolved. Too often they only do a patch up job and this is unsatisfactory. Several footbridges on the Codbeck were damaged as well as the Sheep Wash stepping stones and the authorities will be asked to make speedy repairs to these.

After installing an honesty box at the Toilets about £10.00 is collected every week, at least this will pay for some but not all of the upkeep of this village facility. Recent expenditure has seen the retaining wall at South End rebuilt and also further pointing and repairs to the Cemetery walls as well as installing stronger bollards on North End. The Village Hall applied for and has been awarded LEADER funding to replace the kitchen and to install additional insulation.

Keith Henderson continues to keep the area looking very tidy, please can those householders who cut their own grass ensure that the clippings do not go onto the road and into the drains which could cause blockages. On a similar theme if your vehicle is parked preventing the Highways road-sweeper clearing loose chippings it would be appreciated if you were able to tidy up yourself.

Len Cragg


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