Parish Council Update – June 2012

Much of the June meeting of the Parish Council was taken up discussing various drainage issues in and around the villages. Several times in recent months Highways have been alerted to areas where water pools on roads and very little action has resulted so much so that members expressed grave frustration as to the efficiency of that organisation. A new housing development is going up on Clack Lane and recent survey activity indicated that a culvert under the road along with a section of roadside drain is silted up and Members and residents are concerned that this should be put right without further delay. Water is now pooling on the road out of Thimbleby and again the problem may be due to a culvert being unable to move the water away from the roadside as is a piped drain on the West Harlsey road, both of which were added to the list of tasks for Highways to attend to.

To commemorate the Queens Jubilee the PC have agreed to give funds to the Gardening Club who will plant white flowering bulbs in various suitable locations later this year with these bulbs first flowering next spring. The Club have in the past promoted many initiatives in the area to make visual improvements and this new project is applauded.

Dog fouling, or rather owners not removing waste is again a problem as well as an anti-social activity and owners should be more considerate of their actions. Some footpaths are becoming well overgrown and these will be strimmed to make it easier to walk them and to present a more cared for look, particularly for those visitors approaching from the Cleveland Way path.

The Police reported a drop in anti-social activity around Codbeck, partly due to the weather of late but they intend to patrol that area more frequently and in particular to advise members of the public to ensure that any valuables left in vehicles are out of sight.

Len Cragg 


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