Parish Council Update – October 2012

Once again the effects of large volumes of water swamping much of the area and its effects on residents was debated. Where this involves either roadside gulleys or ditches Highways are always asked to act, but frequently they fail to tackle to source of the problem. Cuddy Lane, Oswaldene and the Pied Piper are new locations and these as well as the blocked gulleys have all been flagged up for Highways attention.

The recent house naming exercise for the new development on Clack Lane was well attended and special credit must go to the School and its pupils for their involvement. All of these dwellings at Westfields will now have a unique name thanks to this initiative.

The public conveniences are being well cared for and the Honesty box is a welcome addition to the revenue needed to maintain this facility. Water in an unheated building can present problems in cold weather and in the light of this experience it may be necessary to make some changes to the supply but there is no intention to allow these toilets to close.

Highways recently decided to change the parking restrictions on North End without prior consultation. They have been called to task and the double lines will be reinstated and this will permit parking on the verge outside the shop provided that it is safe to do so and will still allow parking all the way along the other side of the road.

Len Cragg, Clerk to the Parish Council