Parish Council Update – May 2013

Recently there have been thefts of both a Landrover from in the village as well as  of other farm equipment from the area. Because of this the Police intend to step up patrols to try to combat this and they will also be able to tackle any antisocial activity at the Codbeck reservoir area.

Highways are still being asked to complete the various sections of white lining in the village as well as repairs to setts and kerbs across a wide area. This includes both the whole length of West End/Clack lane and around the Cross. Recently a tyre on the Community Mini bus had to be replaced after the driver had to ride over the kerbs because vehicles were illegally parked in the centre of the village, this matter has also been passed to the Police for action. For the benefit of doubt no parking permits are permitted in the village and any person displaying one is likely to be taken to task by the Police.

The Play Area has been given an overhaul, the hedges cut back and some items of equipment repaired, this site  is almost 20 years old and has stood up well to its use. Other maintenance issues included repairs to the banking on the footpath from Colgate Lane to Osmotherley Mill which was carried out by the NPA Rangers.

Planning applications included a sympathetic project to repair much of The Flags on West End but comment was made that the proposed gates should also incorporate sufficient space within the property to allow vehicles to be turned rather than them being reversed onto the road. Reference was also made to the use of materials to comply with the Conservation Area and the VDS.

Highways and HDC are looking to save funds and are proposing to reduce street lighting overnight, this will be discussed further when the plans showing which lights are to be put out are available. In future all meetings will be held in The Supper Room, with the exception of one in June each year at Kirby Sigston.

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