Parish Council Update – March 2015

The Police attended the Feb meeting of the Parish Council – there had been no reported
incidents in the area during the previous 4 weeks. However PC Woodcock was able to respond to concerns following the serious congestion resulting from a well attended running event based in the village. The advice here is that organisers of such events must always seek prior approval from the Police and that should any third party become aware it is advisable that such information is forwarded to the Police.

Police are also running campaigns to make youngsters in particular, aware of the dangers of legal highs and of “sexting”. Other campaigns that are current are pet theft, a growing problem in some areas; it is confirmed that poaching should be notified by the use of a 999 call.

The road past Sheepwash is soon to be closed to help prevent further flooding in that area and Yorkshire Water has been asked to tackle various leaks elsewhere. However they have
responded to say that the chamber near the Pinfold is not their responsibility despite it being a part of the old Dales and District Water Boards pipework. The PC will continue to press for a solution to this problem.

Work to repair the Bus Shelter will be carried out in the near future but the repointing to the Churchyard wall cannot take place until a Church Faculty has been obtained. Further quotes are still to come in to refurbish the Toilets and here the PC will try to find an additional source of funding to cover the costs. Second quotes are waited for the inscriptions to the War memorial and to replace the Ellerbeck sign on the A684.

Parliamentary, District and Parish Elections will be held on May 7th. All Councillors are obliged to step down and if they wish to seek re-election they must complete the nomination process. Nomination forms for Parish Councillors will be available from the Clerk, Len Cragg, 01609 773577 from 14th of March. Anyone wanting a form is asked to phone near to that date and one will be forwarded. Once received the timescale for completion and return must be carefully followed as indicated in the pack. Also please make sure that your name is on the Official List of Electors, since without that you will not be eligible to vote.

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