Parish Council Update – April 2012

Parking concerns were high on the agenda of the Osmotherley Area Parish Council meeting held in April, particularly inconsiderate parking in narrow roads and across the bus stop. This was drawn to the attention of the Police who attended one incident and were able to issue an enforcement notice. The Police reported that there has been an increase in the number of auto crimes and of opportunist breakins to dwellings as well as of anti social activity at the Cod Beck area and they have promised to raise their profile here. Alongside the parking issue is the need to ensure that once contractors start work at the new housing development on Clack Lane that they do not obstruct any of the entrances opposite this building site.

Fundraising is ongoing for a replacement mini bus and all monies raised as a result of the Ossy Stomp will go to this cause. Consideration has been given to marking the forthcoming Queens Jubilee and in discussion with the Gardening Club a sum of money will be setaside to purchase a large selection of white spring flowering bulbs and also some trees to commemorate the event.

It was noted that during bad weather when the Electrical supply to the area fails there is also a failure of the water supply and Yorkshire Water have been pressed to ensure that they have a robust contingency energy source available, and in working order to prevent any long term disruption to these essential supplies.

Len Cragg

Clerk to Parish Council


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