Parish Council Update – Sept 2014

Osmotherley Area PC met recently and the meeting was attended by Amanda Madden, the Housing Enabler who updated Members on the possibility that further housing development could be considered. She has surveyed the market and needs and has identified 19 persons or households who may qualify and who are to be encouraged to submit, with assistance, application forms to include details of their needs. It is essential that these forms are submitted because there is no waiting list  process in this type of funding scheme. There is to be an open meeting on Monday 29th September in the Village Hall when further information will be available.
Associated with this scheme is a desire that the Woodyard site is utilised for housing and it is to be hoped that eventually plans may be submitted to allow this to proceed. Currently the site is an eyesore and despite the need for considerable preparatory work the idea will meet with the approval of many residents.
The PC have received plans for a large extension to 2 adjoining properties on South End, however considerable objections have been made due to the bulk of the possible new build and to its impact on neighbouring properties. Additionally the proposal falls within the conservation area and there are many heritage features associated with site and there is concern that these may be damaged or lost. This application was discussed at the recent NPA planning committee and a decision was deferred until a full site meeting can be held in early October.
A recent inspection of the Cemetery has revealed that there is a need to remove some overhanging branches as well as the need to further tidy many plots which have become overgrown by volunteer saplings and similar, this work will be carried out during the autumn. Some plots are not as tidy as others and relatives are always encouraged to assist in this regard because grass cutting in particular can become an onerous task where the site is obstructed. Other maintenance tasks involve Highways who continue to flout common sense and who are constantly being asked to clear gulleys and repair potholes. It has been recently noted that some owners allow residents or their tenants to park on the Village Greens and steps will be taken to make those aware of their obligations and the greens are not a place to park vehicles.

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