Parish Council Update – March 2013

Osmotherley Area Parish Council welcomed two Officers of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service who gave a presentation about Defribulators and how the use of this equipment can save the life of someone suffering a cardiac arrest. This piece of kit needs to kept in a heated cabinet but could be on an external wall with a power supply and is accessed by dialling 999. Time saves lives and should a call be made the caller would also have back up by Ambulance but the use of this important kit is foolproof and simple to use. Further research will be done to see if sufficient funding can be found to enable one to be installed in the village.

A recent safety report indicated that some repairs are needed to the Play Area equipment and following a series of quotations the work has been given to Andrew Wastell of Hutton Rudby who will tackle the repairs as soon as conditions allow. The hedges are also to be cut back as soon as possible.

Highways continue to struggle to keep on top of emergency repairs to potholes, damaged verges and such like and because of this reports have also been put onto the fixmystreet website to make the concerns more public. The continuing high volume of heavy goods vehicles is exacerbating the problem and pressure will continue to be put to Highways to tackle the essential work needed to prevent the roads becoming even more unsafe. Repairs are also needed to some footpaths and the National Park Rangers are involved with this work.

“Thompsons Shop” will soon be coming onto the market but before that can happen assurances were needed that it should remain as a retail shop and Members passed a resolution to this effect adding in the need to adhere to planning consents where necessary. At the recent National Park planning meeting approval was given to allow the access off Back Lane to various properties on South End subject to conditions.

Len Cragg – Clerk to the Parish Council

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