Parish Council Update Feb 2012

Osmotherley Area Parish Council delayed the monthly meeting by a week to enable Members to attend an important meeting of the National Park at which planning concerns were discussed along with comments regarding the proposed housing scheme on Clack Lane which is now likely to be approved in turn allowing the development to go ahead. Other plans were discussed at Parish level and were supported with a proviso that where stonework was involved that it should use locally sourced material and not from elsewhere. Additionally concern was expressed about roofing materials and the planners were tasked to approve roof materials as determined by the Village Design statement.

Many members raised concerns about the state of various roads and footpaths, white lines and gulleys and all of these concerns will be passed to Highways with an expectation that they carry out the required work as quickly as possible in the interests of road and public safety. Following a recent road closure of the A19 many HGVs tried to negotiate the village and considerable damage was caused to the verges and grassed areas and Keith the caretaker will be attempting to remedy the damage to the grass, Highways will be informed about the loose cobble in the verges. Tenders were opened for work to repair the retaining wall on South End and a preferred contractor is to be appointed shortly with the anticipation that the work can be completed this spring.

It is anticipated that replacement safety bollards will soon be in place on North End and consideration to one at the School Lane/South End corner is to be given. Vehicles have been damaged on North End opposite Back Lane and the District Council have been approached with the view to using cctv to monitor this activity. Members were highly critical of traffic management in Northallerton and were prepared to give support to any initiate to alleviate the problems experienced there.

Dog fouling has again increased and a new trend has emerged where some persons or owners actually pick up the remains and then leave the plastic bag either on the verge, in a hedge or in fields, this is not only unsightly but if left in fields among livestock could lead to the deaths of grazing animals.

As well as the Parish opting not to raise its precept this year, both the County and District Councils have arrived at the same decision, lets hope that the Police and water charges are also kept at the same level as last year. The village school and that at Swainby have both been awarded a Green Flag in recognition of their energy saving policies and achievements.

Len Cragg

Clerk to Parish Council