Year End Accounts

The annual accounts are compiled in line with the financial regulations as drawn up by the National Association Of Local Council (NALC) as adopted by the council. Each year the accounts are audited by a local auditor and by an external auditor appointed by the NALC currently PKF Littlejohn LLP.

The public rights notice which allows pre externally audited accounts to be viewed is for a period of six weeks each year and is posted on the village noticeboard and below each year. This will be removed from the site at the close of the notice period.

Annual Accounts 2014/15            Annual accounts 2014/15

Annual Accounts 2015/16            Final Accounts 2015-16

External Audit 2015/16                External Audit 2015-16 final accounts

Annual Accounts 2016/17            Final Accounts 2016-17

External Audit 2016/17                External Audit 2016-17

Annual Accounts 2017/18           Final Accounts 2017-18

External Audit 2017/18                External Audit Report 2017-18

Annual Accounts 2018/19          Year End Accounts 2018-19

External Audit 2018/19               External Audit 2018-19

Annual Accounts 2019/20         Annual Accounts 2019-20

External Audit 2019/20   :          External Audit Return 2019-20 

                                                               External Audit Cert 2019-20

Public Rights/Conclusion of Audit Notice

Notice of Completion of Audit